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Mitsubishi AC – Selecting Operation Modes

Choosing the right operation mode on your Mitsubishi AC Split System can be the key to maintaining optimal indoor comfort and energy efficiency. With a range of modes to choose from, including cooling, heating, dehumidifying, and more, it’s important to understand how they work and when to use them. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at the different operation modes available on Mitsubishi AC Split Systems and provide tips for selecting the right one for your needs.

  1. Press On/Off Button to start the unit
  2. Press Mode to select the operation mode. Each press changes mode in the following order.

3. Press Up or Down arrow to set the temperature. Each press raises or lowers the temperature by 1°C

4. Press On/Off to stop the operation.

Operation indicator lamp
The operation indicator lamp shows the operation state of the unit.

AUTO mode (Auto change over)
The unit selects the operation mode according to the difference between the room temperature and the set temperature. During AUTO mode, the unit changes mode (COOL↔HEAT) when the room temperature is 2°C away from the set temperature for more than 15 minutes.
Auto Mode is not recommended if this indoor unit is connected to an MXZ type outdoor unit. When several indoor units are operated simultaneously, the unit may not be able to switch operation mode between COOL and HEAT. In this case, the indoor unit becomes standby mode (Refer to the table of Operation indicator lamp).

COOL mode
Enjoy cool air at your desired temperature.
Do not operate COOL mode at very low outside temperatures (less than
-10°C). Water condensed in the unit may drip and wet or damage furniture, etc.

DRY mode
Dehumidify your room. The room may be cooled slightly. Temperature cannot be set during DRY mode.

HEAT mode
Enjoy warm air at your desired temperature.

When the remote controller cannot be used…
Emergency operation can be activated by pressing the emergency operation switch (E.O.SW) on the indoor unit.

Auto restart function

If a power failure occurs or the main power is turned off during operation, the “Auto restart function” automatically starts operation in the same mode as the one set with the remote controller just before the shutoff of the main power. When the timer is set, the timer setting is canceled and the unit starts operation when power is resumed.

If you do not want to use this function, please consult the service repre- sentative because the setting of the unit needs to be changed.