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Mitsubishi AC Econo Cool Mode

“Econo Cool” mode is a feature found on some air conditioning units that allow for energy-saving operation. The purpose of this mode is to reduce energy consumption while still providing adequate cooling for your home or office.

When the air conditioner is in “Econo Cool” mode, it will operate at a lower capacity, use less energy, and run for longer periods of time. This helps to reduce the overall energy usage of the unit and lower your monthly electricity bills.

It’s important to note that while “Econo Cool” mode may save energy, it may take longer to reach your desired temperature, and the room may not cool as quickly as it would in normal cooling mode. However, this trade-off is often acceptable for those looking to save money on their energy bills.

How to set Econo Cool Mode on Mitsubishi AC

Press Econo Cool during COOL mode to start the ECONO COOL operation.
The unit performs swing operations vertically in various cycles according to the temperature of the unit. The set temperature is set to 2°C higher automatically.

Press Econo Cool again to cancel the ECONO COOL operation. ECONO COOL operation also is canceled when the VANE button is pressed.

What is Mitsubishi ECONO COOL?

Swing airflow (change of airflow) makes you feel cooler than constant airflow. So, even though the set temperature is automatically set 2°C higher, it is possible to perform the cooling operation with keeping comfort. As a result, energy can be saved.

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