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Air Conditioning I-Safe operation

Press I-Safe during COOL, ECONO COOL, or HEAT mode to select i-save mode.

Set the temperature, fan speed, and airflow direction.
The same setting is selected from the next time by simply pressing.
• Two groups of settings can be saved. (One for COOL/ECONO COOL, once for HEAT)
• Select the appropriate temperature, fan speed, and airflow direction according to your room.
• Normally, the minimum temperature setting in HEAT mode is 16°C. However, during the i-save operation only, the minimum temperature setting is 10°C.

Press I-safe again to cancel i-save operation

I-save operation

A simplified set back function enables to recall of the preferred (preset) setting with a single push of the button. Press the button again and you can go back to the previous setting in an instance.

Example of use:

  1. Low energy mode
    Set the temperature 2°C to 3°C warmer in COOL and cooler in HEAT mode.
    This setting is suitable for an unoccupied room, and while you are sleeping.
  2. Saving frequently used settings
    Save your preferred setting for COOL/ECONO COOL and HEAT. This enables you to select your preferred setting with a single push of the button.