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Rinnai Q Series

Designed for Australia’s ever-changing climate, the Rinnai Q Series Inverter Split System provides both cooling and heating all year round no matter where you live.

Packed with innovative features including Wi-Fi connectivity, self-cleaning function and sleep mode, the Q Series is the ultimate in providing complete comfort. This smart system can also work around your unique lifestyle with an ultra-practical timer function, allowing you to set the unit’s operation times to achieve the perfect room temperature.

Encased in a sleek contemporary design, the Rinnai Q Series are durable, convenient and easy to maintain.

Ambient Temperature

The Rinnai Q Series will continue to perform with reliable operation even in extreme weather. Our units can work in ambient winter temperatures as low as -15°C and ambient summer temperatures as high as 52°C, an essential feature for the harsh climate conditions across Australia.

Intelligent Defrosting

In areas with low ambient temperature where the outdoor temperature may fall below freezing, the outdoor unit will run in anti-frost mode and ensure high performance heating.

Long Distance Air Supply

The Q Series will supply volumes of cool air with airflow distances reaching up to 15 metres, creating a comfortable environment wall to wall.

Self-Diagnosis Function

In the unlikely event that there is abnormal operation, the system will switch off automatically, determine what is at fault and display an error code on the indoor unit.

Features and Benefits

Wi-Fi Control

Set your favourite temperature from anywhere, with our intuitive Android or Apple App. Come home to ultimate comfort.


A delay ON or OFF timer allows you to select a period of time (from 30 minutes to 24 hours), the unit will turn either on or off depending on its current status.

Self-Cleaning Function

End of season cleaning process dries the inside of the unit, ensuring its free from mold, bacteria and dust during extended periods of non-use.

Programmable Timer

7-day programmable timer can be operated via an iOS or Android Wi-Fi App for added functionality and control.

Quiet Operation

Designed to keep noise levels to a minimum without affecting performance, thanks to a cleverly designed air tunnel optimised to deliver better air distribution.

3D Airflow

Air blades can be controlled to swing both horizontally and vertically, allowing for balanced room temperature and comfort.

Turbo Function

Quickly cool in summer or swiftly warm in winter.

Fresh Function

Every time the unit is turned off, a 3 minute cleaning cycle is ran, keeping the indoor unit free of excess moisture. This helps extend life of the unit whilst ensuring optimum performance and hygiene.

R32 Refrigerant

R32 refrigerant has lower global warming potential than traditional refrigerants. Also provides higher energy efficiency while using lower refrigerant volumes.

Sleep Mode

The Q Series intelligent sleep mode operates on a two-way temperature control that modulates up and down to mimic outside ambient temperatures, ensuring a comfortable sleep.

Demand Control

Equipped with demand response capability (DRED) to help reduce overall power consumption at critical peak load times**