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Daikin Air Conditioning Troubleshooting

Indoor unit

The flaps do not start swing immediately.

The air conditioner is adjusting the flap position. The flap will start moving soon.

The HEAT operation stops suddenly and a flowing sound is heard.

The outdoor unit is taking away the frost. The HEAT operation starts after the frost on the outdoor unit is removed. You should wait for about 4 to 12 minutes.

Operation does not start soon.

When ON/OFF button was pressed soon after operation was stopped.

When the mode was reselected. This is to protect the air conditioner. You should wait for about 3 minutes.

A sound is heard.

A sound like a flow of water

This sound is generated because the refrigerant in the air conditioner is flowing.

  • This is a pumping sound of the water in the air conditioner it is heard when the water is pumped out from the air conditioner in cooling or drying operation.
  • The refrigerant flows in the air conditioner even if the air conditioner is not working when the indoor units in other rooms are in operation.

Blowing sound

This sound is generated when the flow of the refrigerant in the air conditioner is switched over.

Pinging sound

This sound is generated when the size of the air conditioner slightly expands or shrinks as a result of temperature changes.

Clicking sound during operation or idle time

This sound is generated when the refrigerant control valves or the electrical parts operate.

Clopping sound

This sound is heard from the inside of the air conditioner when the exhaust fan is activated while the room doors are closed. Open the window or turn off the exhaust fan.

Outdoor unit

The outdoor unit emits water or steam.

In HEAT mode
The frost on the outdoor unit melts into water or steam when the air
conditioner is in defrost operation.
In COOL or DRY mode
Moisture in the air condenses into water on the cool surface of outdoor
unit piping and drips

Not trouble cases

The air conditioner does not operate. (OPERATION lamp is off.)

Hasn’t a breaker turned off or a fuse blown?
Isn’t it a power failure?
Are batteries set in the remote controller?
Is the timer setting correct?

Hot air does not flow out soon after the start of heating operation.

The air conditioner is warming up. You should wait for 1 to 4 minutes. (The system is designed to start discharging air only after it has reached a certain temperature.)

Operation stopped suddenly.

(OPERATION lamp is on.)

For system protection, the air conditioner may stop operating on a sudden large voltage fluctuation. It automatically resumes operation in about 3 minutes.

Mist comes out of the indoor unit.

This happens when the air in the room is cooled into mist by the cold airflow during COOL operation.
This is because the air in the room is cooled by the heat exchanger and becomes mist during defrosting operation.

Operation stopped suddenly.

(OPERATION lamp flashes.)

Are the air filters clean? Clean the air filters.

Is there anything to block the air inlet or the outlet of the indoor and the outdoor units?
Turn the breaker off and take all obstacles away. Then turn it on again and try operating the air conditioner with the remote controller. If the lamp still flashes, call the service shop where you bought the air conditioner.

Are operation modes all the same for indoor units connected to outdoor units in the multi system?

If not, set all indoor units to the same operation mode and confirm that the lamps flash.
When the operation mode is in “AUTO”, set all indoor unit operation modes to “COOL” or “HEAT” for a moment and check again that the lamps are normal. If the lamps stop fl ashing after the above steps, there is no malfunction.