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Fujitsu air conditioning manual

Operation and Performance

When you need an efficient air conditioning system for your home, it’s important to compare the costs of different brands. Fujitsu is one brand that often offers lower prices than Mitsubishi Electric does in pre-owned units–and with better quality too!

The cost of a mini split system is significantly higher, but the durability and overall performance lasts longer. If you’re looking to save on energy bills this might be something worth considering!

When it comes to efficiency, no one can beat a Fujitsu product. The company is known for their high level of power consumption and heat generation when compared with other brands on the market today – this means you’ll be saving money in your long run! However if larger spaces need cooling or heating then there’s definitely some good news here because Mitsubishi has been proven time after again as being much more efficient than others at doing just THAT…so get ready!”

Noise Level

The difference in dB between the two systems is quite significant. Mitsubishi’s quietest model produces 19dB while Fujitsu’s max volume levels reach up to 21 decibels with human breathing being around 20-22 dBA at best (which can sometimes be difficult).

With their warranties, both Mitsubishi and Fujitsu cover defective parts. However the length of time that they apply depends on what type you have purchased from them as well as where it was installed (either home valued appliance such as a refrigerator or business critical system like an air conditioning unit). Their most basic warranty applies to all products for 2 years with optionally another year if replaced at no cost during purchase while more expensive models carry 6+/-1years depending upon model size.

If you’re in the market for an air conditioning unit, consider paying attention to what brand is manufactured. Ductless units from Fujitsu and Mitsubishi cost less than their counterparts with heating capabilities only; however they may not provide as many features or quality parts over time due to frequent repairs which could end up costing you more money down the line!

It’s not just about having an AC when you need one. It is also imperative to have reliable customer support in case of any issues with your mini split system- whether they be malfunctions or operational errors! Fortunately, both Fujitsu and Mitsubishi offer U.S.-based services for troubleshooting purposes should this happen; but unfortunately most homeowners are much more likely going straight down stairs (to get help) rather than contacting the manufacturer themselves first time around technical problems arise.

Heating Performance

  • This air conditioner operates on the heat-pump principle, absorbing heat from outdoor air and transferring that heat indoors. As a result, the operating performance is reduced as outdoor air temperature drops. If you feel that insufficient heating performance is being produced, we recommend you use this air conditioner in conjunction with another kind of heating appliance.
  • Heat-pump air conditioners heat your entire room by recircu-lating air throughout the room, with the result that some time may be required after first starting the air conditioner until the room is heated.

Microcomputer-controlled Automatic Defrosting

  • When using the Heating mode under conditions of low outdoor temperature and high humidity, frost may form on the outdoor unit, resulting in reduced operating performance.
  • In order to prevent this kind of reduced performance, this unit is equipped with a Microcomputer-controlled Automatic Defrost-ing function. If frost forms, the air conditioner will temporarily stop, and the defrosting circuit will operate briefly (for about 7-15 minutes).
  • During Automatic Defrosting operation, the OPERATION Indicator Lamp (red) will flash.

AUTO Restart

In Event of Power Interruption

  • The air conditioner power has been interrupted by a power failure. The air conditioner will then restart automatically in its previous mode when the power is restored.
  • Operated by setting before the power failure.
  • If a power failure occurs during TIMER operation, the timer will be reset and the unit will begin (or stop) operation at the new time setting. In the event that this kind of timer fault occurs the TIMER Indicator Lamp will flash (see Page. 4).
  • Use of other electrical appliances (electric shaver, etc.) or nearby use of a wireless radio transmitter may cause the air conditioner to malfunction. In this event, temporarily disconnect the Power Supply Plug, reconnect it, and then use the Remote Controller to resume operation.

Temperature and Humidity Range

  • If the air conditioner is used under a higher temperature conditioner than those listed, the built-in protection circuit may operate to prevent internal circuit damage. Also, during Cooling and Dry modes, if the unit is used under conditions of lower temperature than those listed above, the heat-exchanger may freeze, leading to water leakage and other damage.
  • Do not use this unit for any purposes other than the Cooling, Dehumidifying, and air-circulation of rooms in ordinary dwellings.
  • If the unit is used for long periods under high-humidity conditions, condensation may form on the surface of the indoor unit, and drip onto the floor or other objects underneath. (About 80% or more).
  • If the outdoor temperature is lower than the temperature scope in the list above, in order to keep the safe operation of the device, the outdoor unit may stop operation for a certain period of time.