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How to clean the Fujitsu air conditioner

Cleaning an air conditioner is an important task that should be performed regularly to ensure the unit operates efficiently and effectively. Here are the steps for cleaning an air conditioner as an electrician and HVAC professional:

  1. Turn off power to the unit: Before starting any cleaning, it is important to turn off the power to the air conditioner to prevent any potential electrical hazards. This can be done by switching off the circuit breaker or removing the fuse.
  2. Clean the outside unit: Use a soft brush or cloth to gently remove any dirt, dust, or debris from the outside unit’s fins and casing. You can also wash the outside unit with a garden hose in a gentle setting.
  3. Remove and clean the air filter: Remove the air filter from the unit and wash it in soap and water. Allow it to air dry completely before reinstalling it. If the filter is too dirty or damaged, consider replacing it.
  4. Clean the evaporator coil: Use a coil cleaner to clean the evaporator coil inside the air conditioner unit. The coil cleaner can be sprayed directly onto the coil, but be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and take appropriate safety precautions.
  5. Clean the condenser coil: Clean the condenser coil in the same manner as the evaporator coil, using a coil cleaner or a gentle brush.
  6. Clean the blower fan: Use a soft brush or cloth to clean the blades of the blower fan. You can also use a vacuum to remove any dirt or debris that has accumulated in the fan.
  7. Reassemble and turn on the unit: After cleaning, reassemble the unit, making sure that all parts are securely in place. Turn the power back on to the unit, and test it to make sure it is operating correctly.

Cleaning the Fujitsu air conditioning is steps

By following these steps, you can effectively clean your air conditioner and ensure that it operates at peak performance.

  • Before cleaning the air conditioner, be sure to turn it off and disconnect the Power Supply Cord.
  • Be sure the Intake Grille (Fig. 1 8) is installed securely.
  • When removing and replacing the air filters, be sure not to touch the heat exchanger, as personal injury may result.
  • To avoid excessive wear of the part and components or malfunctioning of the air conditioning, the user/consumer shall perform preventive maintenance through accredited technical assistance, periodically. To know the preventive maintenance periodicity, the consumer shall check with the accredited installer or accredited technical assistant.
  • When used for extended periods, the unit may accumulate dirt inside, reducing its performance. We recommend that the unit be inspected regularly, in addition to your own cleaning and care. For more information, consult authorized service personnel.
  • It is recommended for the user/consumer to demand a copy of the Work Order every time there is a visit of technical assistance for verification, maintenance, test, or repair of the product.
  • When cleaning the unit’s body, do not use water hotter than 40 °C, harsh abrasive cleansers, or volatile agents like benzene or thinner.
  • Do not expose the unit’s body to liquid insecticides or hairsprays.
  • When shutting down the unit for one month or more, first allow the fan mode to operate continuously for about one-half day to allow internal parts to dry thoroughly.

Cleaning the Intake Grille

Remove the Intake Grille

  • Place your fingers at both lower ends of the grille panel, and lift forward; if the grille seems to catch partway through its movement, continue lifting upward to remove.
  • Pull past the intermediate catch and open the Intake Grille wide so that it becomes horizontal.

Clean with water

Remove dust with a vacuum cleaner; wipe the unit with warm water, then dry with a clean, soft cloth.

Replace the Intake Grille

  • Pull the knobs all the way.
  • Hold the grille horizontally and set the left and right mounting shafts into the bearings at the top of the panel.
  • Press the place where the arrow on the diagram indicates and close the Intake Grille.

Cleaning the Air Filter

Open the Intake Grille, and remove the air filter.
Lift up the air filter’s handle, disconnect the two lower tabs, and pull out.

Remove dust with a vacuum cleaner or by washing.
After washing, allow drying thoroughly in a shaded place.

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