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Fujitsu Air Conditioner Review -2022 Guide

Fujitsu is a popular Japanese electronics company that specializes in different home and kitchen appliances. The brand is a common favorite among many home and office owners, especially Singaporean aircon users.

In this Fujitsu aircon review, we’ll take you through the different pros and cons of owning a Fujitsu aircon unit as well as its top features and highlights.

Pros and Cons

Before we get into our review of Fujitsu’s different air conditioner features, let’s first settle the score between the pros and cons of owning an air conditioning unit from the brand:

The Good

High-Quality Technology

Fujitsu air con units are made with the commitment to be at the forefront of state-of-the-art aircon technology. As a matter of fact, Fujitsu aircon is proud to have acquired a couple of patent technologies for its aircon units throughout the years. These include self-cleaning filters (the first in the industry to incorporate this technology into air con units in 2003), energy conservation technology, airflow optimization technology, emergency command and support system and many more.

Environmentally Friendly

When producing its lineup of air conditioner units, Fujitsu aircon is committed to conserving energy and natural resources. This is done by practicing a “3R approach (reduce, reuse, recycle)” to create the best-of-breed, eco-friendly products. So the next time you switch on a Fujitsu air conditioner, know that it runs on technologies and systems that complement the environment.

The Bad

Here are several considerations that you need to check out before even purchasing a Fujitsu aircon:

Limited Air Conditioner Options

Compared to other major players in the aircon industry, Fujitsu aircon offers a limited lineup of aircon types and choices. Common bestsellers include window aircon units, split air conditioners, cassette units, etc.

Less Brand Recognition

While Fujitsu aircon is a popular aircon manufacturer in the industry, it still lags behind giants such as Daikin, Samsung, Panasonic, Mitsubishi, etc. But that’s not to say its units are any less better!


  •  High quality technology such as self-cleaning filters, airflow optimization, and many more
  •  Eco-friendly aircon units


  •  Limited aircon unit options
  •  Low brand recognition compared to key aircon players

Top Features

  1. Comfortable and optimized airflow – Fujitsu aircon units are equipped with great airflow features and technology that bring strong and cool air into any space within minutes of turning them on. This allows air to cool the room in different directions, all making up for a faster cooling rate.
  2. Silent operation – Having noise issues with your current aircon unit? Then seriously consider a Fujitsu aircon unit! With the silent operation feature, experience better cooling nights with low to reduced noise or humming with your aircon.
  3. Modern and sleek design – Aside from the overall aircon performance, form factor is another aspect that aircon owners should consider when buying a new one. When it comes to Fujitsu air conditioner system machines, each unit is thoughtfully designed featuring modern, slim and sleek finishes, blending in with pretty much any interior.

Aircon Performance

Fujitsu is a reliable aircon brand with years of technological expertise and experience in the aircon industry. According to majority of customer feedback, Fujitsu and its lineup of air conditioner units can last a long period of time with little to no performance issues.

Availability of Spare Parts

Since Fujitsu aircon is a popular aircon brand, owners have no problem with finding spare parts in the market for its aircon units. These parts and accessories are widely available in different shops and authorized aircon centers, making it easy to snap up replacements for repairs and fixes.

Aircon Servicing

Fujitsu aircon is compatible with almost every major servicing and maintenance centers in Singapore. This also applies to technicians and other electronic experts specializing in aircon repairs. Because of the Fujitsu air conditioner popularity among home and office owners, repairs and fixes aren’t an issue. As a matter of fact, second-hand Fujitsu spare parts are also widely available in the market for those on a tight budget.


Fujitsu aircon is a reliable and worthy addition to the best-selling aircon canon — and for good reason. Fujitsu aircon and its units are equipped with the latest in technology and state-of-the-art features without ever breaking the bank. Simply put, Fujitsu aircon is a great contender to consider when looking for your next aircon unit.

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