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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Avanti PLUS Platinum series

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries wall-mounted series has expanded to include the new Avanti PLUS Platinum series of Air
Conditioners. Equipped with an easy-to-use controller, boasting an assortment of convenient functions and filters, stylish
design and quiet operation this air conditioner will be a valuable addition to any home.
With a capacity range of 2.0kW-6.0kW, these systems can heat or cool the smallest of bedrooms to larger entertainment
areas. Priding itself on reliability, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will keep your air conditioner working perfectly over the years
to ensure that your family will enjoy air-conditioned comfort all year round.

The new Avanti PLUS range of air conditioners has been stylishly designed with rounded contours that t beautifully into any diverse interior
setting. Engineered by Italian designers, TENSA, an industrial design company based in Milan, Italy and awarded the 2017 Silver A’ Design
Award in the ‘Engineering and Technical Design’ category, the Avanti PLUS range features a sleek, stylish, and modern design and boasts a
huge range of intuitive features including a motion sensor as standard, child lock, and adjustable LED brightness. The unit also utilizes R32
refrigerant and boasts an impressive 7-star energy rating*. This design offers the best appearance and functionality, in line with Japanese
technical standards.

Motion Sensor

The new inbuilt motion sensor will detect the presence, absence and activity levels of those in the room to improve comfort and energy saving performance. When no activity is detected the unit will go in to standby mode until activity is detected again. If no activity is detected for 12 hours the unit will automatically switch off.

The improved design of the overall Avanti PLUS system has enhanced the energy efIciency of the unit. Aided by the inclusion of the new R32 refrigerant which requires less energy to achieve the desired temperature when compared to the R410A refrigerant*, the 2.0kW Avanti Plus system includes an impressive 7 star heating and cooling energy rating.

Aerodynamic analysis technology that is used in the development of jet
engines, CFD (computational uid dynamics) has been applied to the design of
the air channels in Avanti PLUS. Delivering a uniform and gentle breeze, the jet
air stream generated by this air channel system delivers a large volume of air
without consuming much power.

3D Air Flow

This one-touch program activates 3 independent motors to evenly distribute air ow. Achieve economic operation and minimize energy loss with this uniform and quiet air ow.

Optional WiFi Control

Control your air conditioner from anywhere using your Smartphone, Apple Watch or Tablet with our Wi-Fi Control System.