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Hitachi MultiZone reverse cycle systems

Offering an easy, economical way to heat or cool up to six indoor spaces, the MultiZone system connects
separately to each indoor unit, giving you the ability to activate each room individually or simultaneously.
It also enables you to set different temperatures for each area, helping you create the perfect harmonious
living environment.

Able to rapidly heat or cool only those rooms that are occupied, our system enables you to customise your
energy usage while significantly reducing running costs. For those demanding only the purest air quality, our wall-mounted indoor units feature a unique nano-wasabi filter and nano-titanium-stainless steel pre-filter coating that reduce bacteria and allergen levels.

Even if your outdoor space is limited, MultiZone’s highly compact units are perfect for homes that have limited space for outdoor units.

Ranging in capacity from 5.3kW to 10.6kW in cooling and 6.8kW to 13.6kW in heating, our MultiZone reverse cycle systems are the ideal climate control solution for
medium-sized, multiple-floor homes with limited space, or light commercial settings like shops or restaurants.

High efficiency levels are also made possible by our use of super-efficient DC technology within the system’s motor, fans and inverter compressor.
It’s just another way we’re helping to create the perfect environment.

The inverter driven compressor enables fast start-up and rapid achievement of desired temperature before
reducing rotation speed to generate energy savings without incurring a loss of comfort.

As the pioneer of DC inverter systems and PAM in-room air conditioners, our DC-powered fans and
compressors deliver a degree of performance that exceeds that of AC-powered alternatives.

Our PAM control system can maintain current pulse waveform and avoid distortion, thus enhancing power efficiency. This cutting-edge breakthrough is employed in our MultiZone systems to maximise comfort and efficiency.

Our PAM inverter system maximises input power to achieve greater efficiency. Heating performance is especially improved, enabling you to enjoy superior comfort levels even with ambient temperatures as low as -15°C.

MultiZone systems enable low running costs, with every kilowatt of electricity drawn delivering as much as 3.9kW in heating and 3.6kW in cooling.

Our DC 2-Cylinder rotary compressor offers higher efficiency levels than conventional rotary compressors. It employs two independently rotating cylinders that ensure well-balanced rotations and significantly reduced vibration noise.